The Roof of Tehran

The second TWO CITIES workshop in Tehran came to end. As a little tradition the whole group went up to Bame Tehran (The roof of Tehran) for a last good view on the city. After every photo was taken and every moment was enjoyed the group went for a last supper to restaurant close by before the German group had to leave for the airport.

First meeting with the international group

The first official meeting with the international group at University of Art, Tehran. For the first time the teams meat each other in person and talk about their concepts and projects. The German students also got a tour through the department of photography and Prof. Kai Juenemann presented his own work for the workshop members before the photographic phase began.

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First meeting of the German group

Right before Christmas the German group gathered for their first official meeting. The group consists not only of photography students but also three graphic designers. There will also be three graphic design students from Tehran to team up with and to make the workshop more multimedia.  During the meeting general information about the workshop and the differences in culture as well as the experiences are shared.


After a long and intense production of the final layout, the “TWO-Cities” book is finally printed. At Nazar publishing house in Tehran, the plates for the offset machines are made. Everything is observed by Maryam Kahvand from the graphics department. After printing and a quality check 200 books are wrapped and packed for shipping to Germany.

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