Bāygān: House of Photographs & Words

During her delegation Samaneh Khosravi visited the Bāygān Institute, which has been opened for almost a year by renowned artist, Ms. Ghazaleh Hedayat, in Tehran. Ms. Mahboube Karmali, a participant of TWO CITIES 2019 and 2021 workshop, works in this institute and gave an explanation about it. 

The so called “House of Photographs & Words” is a private and independent institution, that aspires to create an encyclopedia of Iranian photographers. This institute collects photographic books and journals, and encyclopedias and seeks to digital archive the images of contemporary Iranian photographers. Also, the works of 38 photographers were exhibited here as a permanent show. Bāygān is a suitable place for students, photographers, writers, translators and researchers. Link to Bāygān

By Samaneh Khosravi, Research Assistant

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