Portfolio Review

Samaneh Khosravi, workshop assistant, explained to the students of the Tehran University of Art, who are interested in studying photography at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, how to apply for bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Afterwards they had the opportunity to show and discuss about their portfolios and to look at Khosravi’s publications.

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The TWO CITIES project was a dialogue from the beginning, about photography and design, but also about people, about cultures, about language, about history, about customs, about food and drink. How is it in Iran? What is it like in Germany? “If you take a trip, you can tell a story,” the German poet Matthias Claudius once claimed. But what if traveling is not possible? How can a university dialogue succeed, how can students almost 4000 kilometers apart get to know each other without being able to meet? The Corona pandemic also gave us this challenge.

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