The books are ready

After a lot of work and love for book design, the catalogues of the TWO-CITIES Project 2019 were printed at Lensing Druck in Dortmund. Today they were delivered and made ready for their long journey to Tehran. After a travelling about 4.000 km the books arrived their final destination at Imam Khomeini Airport and were picked up carefully by Dr. Motarjemzadeh brought to the University of Art Tehran, where they will be hand over to the participating students of the workshop.

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Ending again and looking forward for the next year

After two weeks of work and group effort, today was the last official day of the program for this year at the Faculty of Design of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund. All participants of the workshop had their final presentation of their series and works. At the end of the meeting the students donated their gifts to each other. In the coming months, the catalogue of the second year TWO CITIES workshop will be designed, printed and published.

The arrival of the Iranian teachers and students

The Iranian professors and students arrived safely this morning at Dusseldorf Airport with the accompaniment of Dr. Soltani, the Chairman of the University of Art Tehran and Dr. Amir Alaie, the director of International Relations Office of the University of Art Tehran. After a quick ride to the accommodations in Dortmund and a short nap or exploration of the city of Dortmund, we enjoyed to the welcome dinner at Italian “Mamma Mia” restaurant.

The Roof of Tehran

The second TWO CITIES workshop in Tehran came to end. As a little tradition the whole group went up to Bame Tehran (The roof of Tehran) for a last good view on the city. After every photo was taken and every moment was enjoyed the group went for a last supper to restaurant close by before the German group had to leave for the airport.

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