The Final Exhibition

With all the available help of the Iranian students and Research Assistants the photographies, which were made during the workshop 2021, were installed in the gallery Negarkhaneh Honar in Tehran.

At 4pm the third and last photography exhibition of TWO-CITIES workshop was opened by Dr. Soltani, Dr. Barmayevar, Dr. Motarjemzadeh, Mr. Soleymani, Dr. Kahvand, and Mrs. Ghods Rad for public visit. Professor Winde and the German students of the workshop attended this opening via video stream. Due to the pandemic situation, the interest of visitors on this and during the next days was remarkable. Despite the physical absence during the workshop, every participant of TWO CITIES 2021 had contributed to its success, which was presented in every single picture in the final exhibition.

By Omid Armat, Research Assistant

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