Hiking in Tehran

As soon as a holiday arrives in Iran, it attracts many Tehranians early in the morning into the mountains. So too, our Professors Fahrhad Solemani. Mariyam Kahvand, Jörg Winde and I decided to follow them into nature.

We made our way from Darakeh Village where we had an unforgettable photographic encounter:

An old camera on a tripod and its owner stood in our way. A few black and white pictures, which serve as examples, aroused our interest. „Keep silent for 3 seconds and try not to blink“- we met this challenge. The result was a negative black and white photograph that was developed by the man within the camera in the small box and later re-photographed with little effort to get the positive image. We could not believe that someone would make an analogous photo of us and within a few minutes developed in this camera obscura. But it worked: Only 2 sheets of photographic paper and the usual chemical liquids for development and fixation. This “wonder” must first be imitated by a professional photographer!

On the way up we got to know the hospitality of our friends in Iran again. Mr. Solemani and Dr. Kalvand provided us with fresh fruit, nuts and flatbread.
Also at 2430m altitude in Palang Chal there was plenty of food and drink. A meeting place in a big mountain hut for all Iranians who want to switch off at the weekend.

On the way down, we decided to let the noise of the city completely behind us and let our soul dangle at the sound of the river. Finally we could switch off and let the impressions affect us. Only then I could understand where I was. 3876km away from home, in the mountains of Iran, at the basis of the magnificent sow covered peak named Tochal . Incredible.

Author: Lena

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